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General procedures and directions

  • When you arrive, follow the entrance arrows directly to the scale house

  • Identify yourself

  • Provide vehicle registration information

  • Identify the types of waste you are hauling

  • Get weighed prior to unloading

After checking in and following the procedures outlined above, our scale house team will direct you to the disposal or recycling area, as well as provide additional disposal procedures to you.


When you have finished unloading, please head back to the scale house for reweighing.

HAM Sanitary Landfill, LLC makes decisions on a local level so environmental impact is always considered.

Prepare for Your Visit

Before visiting HAM Sanitary Landfill, LLC, please consider the materials you have. Procedures and approval requirements will be specified for the following items.

  • Contaminated soil

  • Waste material containing asbestos

  • Waste requiring prior approval as defined on waste disposal

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Locally owned

HAM Sanitary Landfill, LLC is licensed and certified by the State of West Virginia!

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