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Waste always authorized for disposal:

  • Construction and demolition waste

  • Materials containing asbestos

  • Municipal solid waste

  • Petroleum contaminated soil from UST sources

  • Tires

  • PCBs call for limits

  • Lead call for limits

Our team can transport and unload your waste materials to the landfill for your convenience. Learn more!

Disposal Services for Solid Waste

The State of West Virginia defines solid waste as:

Solid waste

Safely dispose of non-hazardous waste! Call



Transport Service

Obtain written approval to dispose of:

  • Agricultural waste

  • All individual shipments of petroleum contaminated soil from non-UST sources

  • Industrial waste

  • Non-hazardous industrial process waste and non-hazardous sludge

  • Non-municipal incinerator ash

  • Wastewater treatment plant solids

Waste not authorized for disposal:

  • Drums that are not empty and crushed

  • Free liquids

  • Municipal incinerator ash

  • Nuclear and nuclear by-products

  • Pesticide containers that have not been triple rinsed and crushed

  • Regulated hazardous wastes

  • Un-stabilized sewage sludge or sludge that has not been dewatered

  • Waste which may be infectious waste

Waste Disposal

HAM Sanitary Landfill, LLC is licensed and certified by the State of West Virginia!


  • Any garbage, paper, litter, refuse, cans, bottles, and waste processed for the express purpose of incineration

  • Sludge from a waste treatment plant, water supply treatment plant, or air pollution control facility

  • Other discarded materials, including: carcasses of any dead animal or any other offensive or unsightly matter

  • Solid, liquid, semi-solid, or contained liquid or gaseous material resulting from industrial, commercial, mining, agricultural operations, and community activities

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